Why The New "Film School" Album Is Important

By theajaysharma

Film School Live, 2008It's rare to see an "opening band" worth talking about.  In my life of concerts, the only other time when an opening band has blown me away was Yo La Tengo when they opened up for Teenage Fanclub back in 1993.  Film School opened up for Swervedriver on their reunion tour back in 2008 and were absolutely brilliant, they had that perfect mixture of shoegaze/pop and it wasn't a refreshing new sound by any means, but it was so much fun to listen to.

At the time they were on tour supporting their 3rd album, "Hideout".  Since then they've been in the studio working on their follow up, "Fission".  It's set for a July 20th release date and I expect tour dates to follow.

Go give them a listen over at Amazon, you won't be disappointed.