John Lennon Used in a Car Commercial? Rage!

By theajaysharma

A French car maker, Citroen, has used a clip from a John Lennon interview in their commercial.  I shouldn't say a "clip" since it's really the bulk of the commercial, it has Lennon saying:

"Once a thing's been done it's been done, so while this nostalgia -- I mean for the '60s and '70s, you know, looking backwards for inspiration, copying the past -- how's that rock 'n' roll?  Do something of your own. Start something new, you know? Live your lives now. Know what I mean?"

Fans were obviously upset and Sean Lennon came to Yoko Ono's defense saying that, "...intention was not financial, was simply wanting to keep him out there in the world".

Check out the ad below: