Excellent Online Tour Dates Returns!

By theajaysharma

After many many years, we finally have our tour dates page back online!  I was introduced to Excellent Online back in the late nineties when someone emailed me a copy of the "New Music Release List" that assembled together by hand.  It looked like something that needed to be online.  So I contacted Shane Brown, joined the mailing list and quickly began work on Excellent Online 1.0.  One of the other features that we really wanted was a tour dates page, something that I used heavily.  Back then we updated all the dates by hand and it was a very tedious process.  This time around I wanted something automatic so that I know it will be kept updated.  So we're now working with songkick.com to automatically fetch the tour dates for the bands that we have previously mentioned on this site.  So check it out and we hope you enjoy the new feature of the site.