Arcade Fire and Grizzly Bear in the 2010 Super Bowl

By theajaysharma

Arcade Fire return to the Super Bowl!  Back in 2008 the NFL (National Football League) took it upon themselves to play portions of "No Cars Go" during the broadcast.  Arcade Fire had no prior knowledge of the fact and also hadn't given the NFL permission to use their song.  There were talks of lawsuits but nothing really materialized.  This year was different and the NFL actually licensed, "Wake Up", to be used.  Arcade Fire had donated all proceeds to the Haiti relief charity, Stand with Haiti.

Grizzly Bear make their debut in the Super Bowl by having their track, "Two Weeks", play during a VW commercial (click Read More to see it).  I remember being outraged when I was younger to see bands that I love have their music in commercials, but I've since come to the reality that they need to eat as well.  So it's now a pleasent surprise to hear some good music get the massive exposure it deserves.