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Sigur Ros: One Step Closer To Completing New Album

18 Seconds Before Sunrise reports: *Sigur Ros has returned from New York's Sear Sound studio with foundations for 11 songs which will appear on their next LP. The band will continue recording the album with producer Flood in their Sundlaugin studio over the next couple of weeks, with a tentative release date of late spring/early summer. No one has heard any of these songs before.*  - Source

Retro Clip: Sigur Ros Visits Craig Kilborn, Circa '01

Enjoy 'Untitled 4 (The Nothing Song)' below. Visit Sigur Ros at their MySpace page. - Source

Sigur Ros Shares Brief Update On New LP

The band's manager shares the following blurb in today's entry on their MySpace page: *the boys have got together a - by their standards - big bunch of material and are leaving iceland for new york to work with flood on what will hopefully be a quick, neat job - maybe even ready for release by the summer.* Cannot wait!  Source

Full Online Concerts From Death Cab, White Stripes, Sigur Ros, and More

On NPR website, there is a weekly show called All Songs Considered and they have archived several full concerts from artists like Death Cab For Cutie, Secret Machines, My Morning Jacket, White Stripes, Sigur Ros, Interpol and more. I'm listening to the Secret Machines right now and it's stunning. GO NPR!!

Sigur Ros Secret Online Ticket Sales!

Psst... you can purchase SIGUR ROS tickets online now at the band's website: Use the links on the site to go to the purchase pages for the shows listed. The password is october29.

Sigur Ros Album Details

Sigur Ros have announced the details of their new album, '( )'. Yes, that's just a pair of parentheses. The record has 8 untitled tracks and runs 70 minutes long. The lyrics are in the Sigur Ros invented language, hopelandic, so they're pretty much all instrumentals. As you can see they're taking a very minimalistic approach and even the album credits will only be found on their website. The new album is is scheduled to be released on October 28th.

Sigur Ros Discuss New Album

Michael sent in a link to Jam! with a recent interview with Sigur Ros. They talk about their followup to 'Agaetis Byrjun' and how it's expected to be completed by the end of this year. It was also nice to hear from Jonsi Birgisson, the lead singer, because he rarely gives interviews.

Sigur Ros Interview

There's an interview over at the unofficial Sigur Ros website that's pretty interesting. It's a fairly current interview with Georg Holm and Orri Páll Dýrason. They mainly talk about recording the new album, touring the US, plus the "secrets" of ágætis byrjun.

Sigur Ros Take Home Shortlist Music Prize

Sigur Ros have won the inaugural Shortlist Music Prize. The Shortlist differs from other award shows in that the nominees can't sell more than 500,000 copies of their album before they are nominated. Sigur Ros beat out Nikka Costa, Dandy Warhols, Talib Kweli, Ryan Adams, Air, Bilal, PJ Harvey, Gorillaz and Jay Dee.

Sigur Ros Live

Last night's performance was absolutely breathtaking. At some points, the beauty was almost too much to bear. When you get chills for the 5th time in two minutes and you can't bear to see Jonsi break his heart on yet another note, you know it's definitely an emotional night.

Before I get to the songs, let me say that the whole concert was filmed for HBO's "Reverb" program, so I'll be trying desperately to find anyone I know with premium cable (or, I'm actually considering subscribing just for the month's it's on!). So the 1/2 city block of mobile video units, camera men, and wires hopefully did an admirable job of capturing the concert for those who couldn't make it last night.

Review by Melissa Fehr