Sebadoh Reunite... AGAIN!

As confirmed on the instanity that is Lou Barlow's official site, Sebadoh will re-release two of my favorite albums, Bakesale and Harmacy this summer and will also tour to support it.  A few years ago Lou reunited with the other founding member of Sebadoh, Eric Gaffney, re-issued The Freed Man, Bubble and Scrape, and Sebadoh III.  The "classic" lineup also toured to support the releases throughout 2007 and 2008.  2010 will see the re-release of the latter days of Sebadoh and in my opinion the better sounding Sebadoh.

Lou Barlow also hinted at a possibility of them recording new material which is also fantastic news.  The last time I saw Sebadoh play a reunion show I had asked if they were going to continue and Lou said, "No way, we're done!".  He had similar words when I asked about The Folk Implosion.  Seriously, if you haven't heard One Part Lullaby, then go listen to it now as it's one of the greatest albums of all time.

Robert Zemeckis is Remaking Yellow Submarine

Remember that creepy movie, the Polar Express?  Well, Robert Zemeckis is slated to remake the classic animated film, Yellow Submarine, using the motion-capture technology used in the Polar Express and last year's A Christmas Carol.  The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that the cast has been found has are currently in negotiations.  Hopefully the technology gets better and doesn't give me nightmares.

Strokes are Working on a New Album

In an interview with, Julian Casablancas says that the Strokes are working "day and night" on their fourth album.  They were recording their followup to 2006's First Impressions of Earth but had to stop, allegedly because guitarist Albert Hammond Jr. had to go to rehab.  They have two scheduled festival shows, The Isle Of Wight festival and Scotland's RockNess festival), so I imagine that the record will be released to coincide with their summer tour.

I Don't "Get" the Animal Collective

I saw them at Coachella several years ago and they were shit (well, the live show was shit, the album "Feels" was good).  Then I saw them last year at Sasquatch, my friend swore by them, and they were better but still not good.  And when I say, "not good", I mean they are listenable but I can't ever imagine a day when I am sitting around thinking, "I need to roll out that Animal Collective record, because it moves me in a way that only they can."  So it came as no surprise when Tripwire declared that I won't get their new video.  Maybe I'm just getting old.

Badly Drawn Boy Goes 'Back to the Beginning'

Badly Drawn Boy has recently told BBC's 6music,  "I really honestly feel like I’m back to the beginning. Whatever’s been done in the past is done, whatever I’ve achieved or not achieved."  He has recently released the soundtrack to a TV movie called, "Is There Nothing We Can Do" and is beginning work on his seventh studio album. Hopefully he can come back with an amazing record.

Creation Records Documentary Will Be Released in the Spring

Document Productions Ltd have been preparing a Creation Records documentary that is set to be released in March/April of this year.  We should all know about Creation Records by now, but if you didn't they were the label that had Oasis, My Bloody Valentine, Jesus and Mary Chain, Primal Scream, Ride, Swervedriver, Adorable, Teenage Fanclub, House of Love and many others.  They were pretty much THE label in the late to mid-nineties.  The documentary has a bunch of old clips plus interviews with Alan McGee, Noel from Oasis, Jim Reid from Jesus and Mary Chain, Bobbie Gillespie from Primal Scream and loads more.  They have released two trailers which you can view here and here.

All the Beatles Albums on an Apple-shaped USB Key

That's right, over at they are selling a USB drive which is shaped like an apple.  The drive has re-mastered audio for all 14 Beatles albums.  It also includes visual elements, including 13 mini-documentary films about the albums, original UK album art, rare photos, and expanded liner notes.  The apple is 16 GB flash drive and the audio comes in both FLAC and 320Kbps MP3's.  Pretty impressive collection, too bad it's $270 bucks.

Liam on the Next Oasis Album, "It ain't a new direction"

Liam seems pretty confident that the next Oasis album will have the same sound as previous records despite the fact that Noel, the primary writer, has left the band.  They plan to have the next record out in the summer and according to Liam:  "We're not making reggae music or rap music. It might have a bit more energy and be fresher.


Public Image Limited Reunited

John Lydon played a bunch of shows in England last month with a reunited Public Image Limited.  Stereogum's post about the show also included a video which shows the band sounding rather amazing on stage.  Hopefully they will make a stateside visit by themselves or do the summer festival circuit.  The set was comprised of mostly earlier tracks with the surprising inclusion of "Open Up" which is a Leftfield track that Lydon provided vocals for.  The full setlist for one of their shows is inside.


Verve Updates

Verve hasn't formally broken up as they have two times in the past.  There were rumors that another US tour was in the works, but that has been shelved and the members are now working on their own projects.  Nick McCabe and Simon Jones have formed a new band called The Black Ships, check out their myspace page for some samples of their sound.