Paul McCartney Announces A Pair of U.S. Live Dates

He'll be playing Phoenix on March 28th and then the Hollywood Bowl on March 30.  Tickets go on sale this weekend at Ticketmaster (and at Live Nation but it just redirects to you Ticketmaster so there's no point.  Isn't the Free Market GREAT!).

He will most likely play a combination of tracks from his solo work, Wings, and of course several songs from the Beatles catalog.  If it's anything like his performance at last year's Coachella then it should be an amazing show.  That performance was one of the best shows I've ever seen and I've been to a bunch of shows.

She & Him Preview New Track, "Theives"

Over at Sterogum they have the exclusive preview of the new She & Him track, "Thieves".  Their new album, "Volume 2" will be released on March 23rd and you can also pick up their first single from the album, "In The Sun", which was released today over at Merge Records.

Sample Breakdown of The Avalanches "Frontier Psychiatrist"

Remember that classic track by the Avalanches, "Frontier Psychiatrist"?  Someone analyzed all the samples that they used and it's a pretty impressive amount of tracks:

  1. From the movie Polyester
  2. Maurice Jarre - Overture
  3. Harvey Mandel - Wade in the water
  4. Enoch Light Singers - My way of life
  5. Wayne and Shuster - Frontier Psychiatrist - I was a T.V. addict
  6. Flip Wilson - Cowboys and colored people - Midget - Riot suit
  7. Silvana mangano - El negro zumbon

Click on Read More to view the video.


Oasis Win Brit Album of Thirty Years. Liam Still "Asshat of Thirty Years"

Oasis won the album for "Brits Album of 30 Years" for their superb album, "(What's The Story) Morning Glory".  Liam accepted the award and readied his acceptance speech, "Listen kids, I wanna thank Bonehead, Guigs, Alan White and hte best fucking fans in the world."  Leaving Noel and Andy Bell out.  Then he walked offstage but not before tossing the microphone and the award into the crowd. 

According to the NME, Peter Kay was overheard calling Liam a 'knobhead' (whereas I prefer 'asshat').  THEN Liam writes on his twitter page calling him a "fat fuck" for not insulting him in person.  Yes, Liam's on twitter and he's using it to insult people that insult him behind his back.  Finally, Peter Kay calls Liam a knobhead on his website

I long for those years when Oasis just make records and Liam didn't need to act like an idiot just to drum up attention.

John Hughes Missing Screenplay Based on The Cure's "Lovecats"

John Hughes, the director for many iconic 80's movies like "Breakfast Club" and "Ferris Bueller's Day Off", started working on a script based on The Cure song, "Lovecats".  Slicing Up Eyeballs digged through a Vanity Fair piece about Hughes and found that the author, David Kamp, posted outtakes of the interviews he did with Molly Ringwald, Anthony Michael Hall and Matthew Broderick. 

Molly Ringwald:  “When ‘The Breakfast Club’ ended, he started writing a script called ‘Lovecats,’ because I played him that song by the Cure, ‘The Lovecats.’ I was obsessed by the Cure — still am. I think Robert Smith is an underrated songwriter. Anyway, I played this song for John, and he started writing a script, and he gave me a mix tape of what the soundtrack was gonna be. Which was pretty much Dave Brubeck, with the last song by Bob Dylan.”

Primal Scream to play 'Screamadelica' in London

Primal Scream will play their breakthrough album, "Screamadelica", in full at London's Olympia according to NME.  If you don't recall, Screamadelica came out in 1992 and was quite the departure from the normal shoegaze/indie sound.  At first I remember hating the record especially since I loved the single version of "Come Together" and "Loaded" so much.  The album was more electronic then indie and that obviously had to do with the influences at the time as well as recruiting DJs Andrew Weatherall and Terry Farley.

Now I look back and have realized what an important album that was.  And obviously I'm not the only one since the Royal Mail are now making stamps with the classic cover which you can buy.

Live Nation and Wal-mart Join Evil Forces

Just last month, Live Nation and Ticketmaster got the green light to merge from the Department of Justice.  Now Live Nation and Wal-Mart team up to start selling tickets in their retail stores.  They're starting with 500 stores in major cities, then a roll-out across the nation.  Make sure you look for these smiling faces at your next Grizzly Bear show.

New UNKLE track with Black Angels

UNKLE will have a new album out on May 10th called, "Where Did the Night Fall".  You can hear the first track from the album, their collaboration with The Black Angeles over at  This next album features many guests like Mark Lanegan, Sleepy Sun, Autolux, and others. 

Blonde Redhead Score A Documentary about Dungeons and Dragons

Blonde Redhead have written the score to a documentary called, "Dungeon Masters" which is obviously about the role-playing game Dungeons and Dragons.  The trailer is online and is rather humorous.  Stereogum has a preview of the theme song and it sounds very Blonde Redhead-ish.

The documentary was completed back in 2008 and was screened at several festivals last year but it never got a wide theatrical release.  It will be available via Amazon's Video on Demand service starting February 12th and you can pre-order it as well.

Arcade Fire and Grizzly Bear in the 2010 Super Bowl

Arcade Fire return to the Super Bowl!  Back in 2008 the NFL (National Football League) took it upon themselves to play portions of "No Cars Go" during the broadcast.  Arcade Fire had no prior knowledge of the fact and also hadn't given the NFL permission to use their song.  There were talks of lawsuits but nothing really materialized.  This year was different and the NFL actually licensed, "Wake Up", to be used.  Arcade Fire had donated all proceeds to the Haiti relief charity, Stand with Haiti.

Grizzly Bear make their debut in the Super Bowl by having their track, "Two Weeks", play during a VW commercial (click Read More to see it).  I remember being outraged when I was younger to see bands that I love have their music in commercials, but I've since come to the reality that they need to eat as well.  So it's now a pleasent surprise to hear some good music get the massive exposure it deserves.